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Today’s children live in a society where many of their peers are from diverse backgrounds and speak different languages; one where technology is ubiquitous and central to daily life. They will enter a workforce and economy that demands critical thinking skills, and strong communication and social skills for full participation in society. This new society and economy has implications for today’s education system—especially our instruction to foster a deeper and different set of communication and critical thinking skills, with significant attention to STEM.

The Mount Vernon City School District recognizes the three dimensions (Science & Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas and Crosscutting Concepts)  that are needed to provide students a high-quality science education. The integration of these three dimensions will provide our students with a context for the content of science, how science knowledge is acquired and understood, and how the sciences are connected through concepts that have universal meaning across the disciplines.

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Dr. Satish Jagnandan
Director of STEAM